Charros of rock Podcasts



Charros of Rock Podcast Episode 1 (Juan)


Charros of Rock debut their podcast series under quarantine due to the Corona .... I mean... Culona Virus. Ricky Rodd and Mavero Duran chat about the possibility of the 14 day quarantine and have compiled a list of TRUE necessities and activities to get you through this tough time.


Charros of Rock Podcast Episode 2 


Ricky Rodd and Mavero Duran are back for a second episode of the COR-antine podcast, but this time practicing social distancing. They briefly discuss their favorite children's book author, Dr. JeSeuss. Dr. JeSeuss is a parody of Dr. Seuss....

Charros of Rock Podcast Episode 3

Part A: Meet My Member

Featuring: JJ Salaz and Hendrique Haze


On this first of three part episode, we will be talking to COR’s violin prodigy Hendrique Haze and Guitar extraordinaire J.J.Salaz. Learn about some of their personal influences and favorite musical adventures, and finish it up with a quick round of, “Never Have I Ever”.

Charros of Rock Podcast Episode 3

Part B: Meet My Member

Featuring: Nandoom Vee and Nico Stixx


Nico will be flexing more than his biceps as he talks about a very personal adventure that ended up with a soar throat and Nandoom will be giving us some insight on his musical influences and how life changed for him after his ass crack made a cameo appearance on our new video "Hard to Handle"